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Menjadi Sutradara yang Memahami Kajian Film

One of IKJ’s most prominent lecturer, Nan T. Achnas, shared her experience on becoming a director who pursues film studies in a past interview with our team of majalahaksi. click the link in our bio to learn more!

Interviewer: Debra Helen Yatim & James Bintang Panglima. Transcriber: Mulia Arham Hermudia. Supervisor/editor: Erina Adeline Tandian.

Sumber gambar: Dokumentasi Majalah Aksi.


Our dearest lecturer and FFI 2022 winner for Best Film Critic, @erina.adeline , has provided us another essay with her passion for psychology on Lewat Djam Malam! let’s open our minds by clicking the link in bio ??

Just when we thought a cross media performance couldn’t sound anymore interesting, the philosophy behind it is even more magical! check out our first contributor’s article by clicking the link in our bio 🙂 (@Taman Ismail Marzuki)

For those who didn’t get to witness last week’s biggest night of the year, no worries, we got you covered. also, we might have a few interviews with our winning alumnis ? curious enough? just click the link in our bio! (@JCC)

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